FREE Spay/Neuter

Get your male or female cat fixed and microchipped for FREE! Yep, FREE.

This clinic is only open to residents living in the 98221 zip code area. If you live outside this area, you can find other options here.

Your cat can be fixed when he or she weighs at least 3 pounds. This is usually around 10-12 weeks old.

Sign up now!

How it Works

You sign up.

We'll schedule a clinic as soon as we have a few people signed up.

Once we have a date scheduled, we'll contact you.

On the surgery day, you drop your cat off at the Cat's Meow at 7 a.m.

Your cat will be spayed (if she's a girl) or neutered (if he's a boy) and also microchipped. All at no cost to you.

You pick your cat up that same evening at 6 p.m. and ride off into the sunset together.


Can't make the 7 a.m. drop-off or the 6 p.m. pickup? Don't have a car to get to us? No problem. Tell us about it on the sign-up form and we'll work with you!



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