Found Cat Resources

Here are some steps you can take if you've found a cat:

Review Lost Cat Reports

When someone loses a cat, they can file a lost cat report online with the Cat's Meow. Review the list of lost cats or view a map of markers where lost cats have been reported. You can zoom into your neighborhood to see if anyone in the surrounding area has reported a lost cat.

Check with Your Neighbors

Perhaps the cat belongs to one of your neighbors. Most people only check with their immediate neighbors; however, the cat could belong to any neighbor within a 1-2 block radius of your home.

Flyer Your Neighborhood

Flyers should be placed at intersections where they will be seen by people entering and leaving your neighborhood. You can also distribute flyers door to door. Use this free online tool to quickly and easily make a printable flyer. Since the weather can be unpredictable, we recommend sealing all flyers in plastic sheet protectors with the opening taped closed.

Place an Ad

Both the Anacortes American and the Clamdigger allow free ads for found cats. The American is published weekly on Wednesday and their ad deadline is the previous Friday at noon. The ad will run for one week and will be printed in all papers published by Skagit Publishing (Anacortes American, Skagit Valley Herald, Courier-Times and Argus) and also on their website. Place your ad by calling 424-4567.

The Clamdigger is published weekly on Thursday and their ad deadline is the previous Friday at 4pm. Your ad will run for 4 weeks. Place your ad by calling 299-3444 or e-mailing the Clamdigger at

You should include the following information in your ad:

  • Description of the cat
  • Date the cat was found
  • Area the cat was found in
  • Your contact information



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